Iran Law Firm

Iran International Practice Law Office of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI (Esq.) & Associates in Tehran:

Tehran Oil,Gas,Energy, Minaerals & Natural Resources Due Diligence, Market & Feasibility  Study Law Office

Downtown Office: Unit 5,No. 30, Magnolia Alley, Ghaem Magham St., Tehran 1588613917 Iran

North Tehran Office: Unit 10, 20/1 Kashanchi Alley,Valiasr Ave., Tehran 1961834984     

Tajrish Office Tel: (98-21)22704817-22705217                          Downtown Office Tel: 88311592-88311593
 Tajrish Office Fax: (98-21) 22732793 - 22730665                         Downtown Office Fax: 88320173-88823698
Telex: 2264511 HAAM-IR


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